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Branches of economy based on the classification of the statistical Federal Office:


Accommodation for holidays and other short stay accommodations

· Holiday houses and vacation rentals

Activities auxiliary to insurance and pension funding

· Activities of insurance brokers


· Advertising agencies

Artistic and literary creating

· Self-employed artists
· Freelance journalists and press photographers
· Self-employed writers


Church associations; political parties as well as other
interest groups and associations not mentioned otherwise

· Church associations and other types of religious

Other interests groups and associations not mentioned elsewhere

Other social affaires (without homes)

· Day care for children

Auditing and tax consultancy; accounting

· Accounting (except data processing)


Butchering and meat processing

· Meat Processing
· Butchering (except butchering of poultry)
· Butchering of poultry


Construction of buildings

· Construction of buildings (except prefabricated)
· Erection of prefabricated construction building
· Insulation against cold, heat, sound and vibration
· Electrical installation
· Gas, water, heat and air-conditioning installation
· Other construction not elsewhere classified

Other specialized construction activities

· Construction not elsewhere mentioned
· Roofing and building plumber

Other fit out

· Joinery installation and building metalworking
· Flooring, tile and wall covering
· Commercial painting and decorating

Other wholesale trade



· General and political adult education
· Professional and adult education
· Cultural education
· Sports and recreation education
· Education not mentioned elsewhere

Event catering and other food service activities

· Event caterer

Selling of drinks

· Public houses


General industrial cleaning

· Architectural office
· Architectural offices for building construction
· Offices for interior design
· Engineering offices for overall planning
· Engineering offices for technical planning and
  engineering design
· Other types of engineering offices


Janitorial Services


Legal advice

· Provision of other legal services not elsewhere
· Solicitors office without notary



· Manufacturing of pastries and pasta (except permanent

Manufacturing of coins, jewellery and related articles

· Manufacturing of jewellery, gold and silversmiths'
  wares (except fashion jewellery)
· Manufacturing of fashion jewellery

Manufacturing of toys

Mediation and management of land and buildings and flats for others

· Mediation of residential plots, residential buildings and
  dwellings for others
· Brokerage of commercial plots and non-residential
  buildings for third parties
· Management of commercial real estate and non-
  residential buildings for others

Medical practices and dental surgeries

· General medical practices
· Specialist practices
· Dental surgeries

Health not elsewhere classified

· Alternative Therapy
· Massage clinics, physical therapy practices medical
  practices of lifeguards and beach attendants, midwives
  and maternity nurses as well as related professions
· Practices of psychological psychotherapists and

Other independent work in health care


Office and writing services, copy shops

· General office and writing services


Performing arts

· Independent stage, film, radio and television artists and
  other performing arts

Photography and photo laboratories

· Photography

Programming activities

· Development and programming of Internet
· Other software development

Operation of data processing facilities for others

· Data processing, hosting and related activities

Provision of consulting services in the field of information technology

Provision of services of sport

· Fitness centres
· Sports Clubs

Provision of services by private households for own use Undifferentiated

Provision of education services

Provision of services to performing arts

Provision of other information technology services

Provision of other personal service

· Provision of other information technology services
· Saunas, solariums, spas and the like

Public relations and business consulting

· Public relations and communication activities
· Consulting

Publishing of books, periodicals and other publishing (without software)

· Publishing of address books and directories
· Publishing of journals
· Publishing of newspapers


Repair of computers and communication equipments

· Repair of computers and peripheral equipments
· Repair of telecommunication equipments

Repair of household goods

· Repair of electrical household appliances and garden
· Repair of entertainment electronics
· Repair of furniture and furnishings
· Repair of other and household goods
· Repair of watches, clocks and jewellery

Repair of fabricated metal products, machinery and equipment

· Repair of machinery

Research and experimental development on natural sciences, engineering sciences and medicine

· Other research and experimental development on
  natural sciences, engineering sciences and medicine

Restaurants, pubs, snack bars, cafes, ice cream parlours and the like

· Traditional restaurants
· Snack bars and similar

Retail Sale

Retail sale via stalls and markets

· Retail sale of food, beverages and tobacco, beverages
  and tobacco sale via stalls and markets

Retail sale of information and communications technology (in stores)

· Retail sale of computers, computer peripheral
  equipment and software
· Retail sale of consumer electronics
· Retail sale of telecommunications equipment

Retail sale of food, beverages and tobacco, beverages and tobacco (in stores)

· Retail bakery and confectionery
· Other retail sale of food, beverages and tobacco

Retail sale of other goods (in stores)

· Bookshops
· Retail sale of art objects, paintings, decorative arts,
  stamps, coins and gifts
· Retail sale of medical and orthopaedic goods
· Retail sale of pet animals and animals

Retail sale of other household equipment, textiles, DIY and furniture (in stores)

· Retail sale of paints, building and DIY
· Retail sale of electrical household appliances
· Not elsewhere classified retail sale of metal and plastic

Retail sale of cultural and recreation goods (in stores)

· Retail writing and stationery, school and office supplies

Retail sale of goods of various kinds (in stores)

· Retail sale of food, beverages and tobacco, beverages
  and tobacco, non-specialized

Retail sale not in stores, stalls or markets

· Retail fuels from stock
· Other shipping and online retailing
· Wholesale trade of installation requirements for gas,
  water and heating

Development of building projects

· Property developers, non-residential buildings

Property developers for residential buildings

Rental of machinery, appliances and other movable property

· Rental of aircraft



· Sale of motor vehicles with a total weight of 3.5 tonnes
  or less
· Sale of motor vehicles with a total of more than 3.5t

Studios for textile, jewellery, graphic design and the like

· Graphic and communication design
· Industry, product and fashion design
· Interior design and decoration


Technical, physical and chemical testing

Recording studios; production of radio reports; Publishing of sound carriers and music supplies

· Recording studios and production of radio reports

Translating and interpreting

· Translating


Carriage of goods by land; relocation transports

· Carriage of goods by land

Travel agencies and tour operators

· Travel agencies

Other passenger transportation on surface transport

· Taxi operation



· Forwarding