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FAQ for application form

What do I fill in at least?

Fill in all required input masks, which are marked by (*) and send your application using the command "send" to us.

Which function has the communication form?

You use the communication form for additional information addressed to us. So we ask for a representation of the segmentation of your application regarding the appendix folder. Example: "Appendix 1 contains letters and CV." This allows us to respond faster.

Why must be filled in at least one attachment?

You have the option of receiving your application documents (cover letter, CV, certificates, confirmations, if necessary) along as an appendix. Per appendix you have a maximum transmission capacity of 3 MB. If you should want to send us more than 4 documents, it is advisable to summarize these and compress them (in *. Zip format) and send it as an attachment. Overall, there are more than four different attachment options. Annex 1 should be used in any case.

How do I receive an answer from the tax chambers Häfner as quickly as possible?

We will do our best to edit your application as quickly as possible. The data recorded by you (e.g. phone number) should be chosen as simple as possible so that we can reach you quickly. For example, select a phone number that we can reach you most likely.

How long does it take for my application to be sent?

If you have clicked the "Submit" button it may take up to 2 minutes, depending on your internet speed.

How can I recognize whether my application has been sent successfully?

You receive a re-registration confirmation and additional a confirmation to your e-mail address at success.