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Your Taxes - Our dedication

Highest expertise, in company with practical and meaningful solution strategies are the basis. We cultivate our national and international relationship. It leads to more certainty of success for our clients. We are convinced that this is very essential.

We always keep in mind the parameters of our clients so that we can respond quickly to any necessary adjustments.

You can rely on our tax competence achieved through more than three decades. We are experienced in all types of taxes.

For you as a company founder

We support you in the founding phase - national as well as international entrepreneurs in the implementation of the business idea right through to its realization.

We support you as a majority shareholder of a foreign parent company in the construction of a German subsidiary.

For the successful foundation of your business we are the best possible contact. We would be pleased to give you many reference examples. Just ask!

We develop sector-specific principles. This concerns e.g. the choice of the optimal legal form, the financing in start-up projects and the provision of further funding tranches. After successful placement on the market, we also give you recommendations for the strategically-best profit.

In all business phases we assist you. Our knowledge and experience encourage you to achieve a fast and optimal development.

For you as a long-time entrepreneur

You are for many years on the market. We develop the traditional business route through to tax declaration, always focusing the variety of tax planning, the organization-specific implementations of affiliation agreements. The effect of an affiliation agreement can develop positively the qualification process of operation splittings and integrated companies. You as a long-time entrepreneur will get under certain circumstances significant tax advantages by our expert. Perhaps you like to establish a subsidiary in Switzerland or abroad. Ask for reference examples.

It is a principle: The tax design consulting has to be presented by expert opinions. Especially submitted are advisory opinions in the design consulting expert opinions Fact is that in all tax design consulting, adversary opinions have to be presented.

For you as a natural (private) person

You are a private person. We create as well as your personal tax declaration and your tax structuring plans. This applies to both: Persons who are taxable and those (from abroad) who are only conditionally taxable.

Representative examples of tax planning design are shown on examples which are situation-related in the real estate taxation, the construction of an asset management company, ore a foundation in an optimal tax and succession planning of domestic assets. Your individual tax situation is the basis. We know how to develop unique control model suggestions.